IMGP9807_sIf you have a chance to visit South Korea, it’s storongly recommended to travel Ttangkkeut first where the land begins/ends.

Literally it is the most southern part of Korea.

We call here Edge of land where something ends but something newly starts. In this region you can find lots of things to see and experience. Among them Mihwangsa and Dalma Mt. is one of the best place for your memories. Their abundant legend will never be forgotten due to its remarkable history.

IMGP9610_sThere is also a mysterious island allow people to walk through in during low tide. The island can only be reached twice a day.

IMGP9541_sAt Ttangkkeut you can take a ship to the Bogildo where one of the most beautiful island in Korea. Moreover that island has an old story about richest guy in this region.

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